NHS Qualifications

Members to the Local Chapter of the National Honor Society are selected on the basis of their scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Students must have a 3.25 average or higher to be nominated.

In addition, they must complete a student information sheet which includes a paragraph stating why they think they would make a good Honor Society member.

A. Service 
Willingness to render any service to the school when called upon;
Willingness to do committee or staff work;
Readiness to show courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers and students;
Willingness to represent the school in inter- or intramural activities;
Willingness to render service to the school and community.

B. Leadership 
Demonstrates leadership in the classroom;
Demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities;
Successfully hold school offices or positions of responsibility;
Contributes ideas which improve civic life of the school;

C. Character 
Meets individual pledges and responsibilities promptly to school and teachers;
Demonstrates high standards of attitude toward honesty and reliability;
Constantly demonstrates desirable qualities of personality;
Cooperates by complying with school regulations;
Upholds principles of morality and ethics;
Shows courtesy in classroom to all.