COVID-19 Updates

Parents and students,

The Woodbury Central School Board approved the following motion at a Special Board Meeting on October 5th: "To require masks be worn by all staff and students in the building and at activities by players on the bench (except football as they wear helmets) and on the bus. To allow teachers, especially elementary teachers, discretion in when masks may not be worn or when they feel social distancing can be obtained as in PE, recess, and band/choir." Motion carried, all voting aye. 

As a result of this motion, all students and staff will wear masks beginning Wednesday, October 7th.

As with all policy in our Return to Learn Plan, we will continue to take feedback, review data, and make adjustments as necessary to best serve our students.

Please contact the school nurse, Melissa Wulf, if your child cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. She will provide you with information on the required documentation. Thanks for your cooperation in implementing this new policy and assisting in keeping our students in school.

The Return to Learn plan was finalized at the August 10th Board Meeting. Key Components include:

o  Students will attend every day
o  For the safety of the staff and students, masks are recommended
o  All individuals who are sick need to stay home, please see this document concerning evaluating your child: Evaluating Sick Students.pdf
o  Visitors to the building will be limited - masks are required upon entrance
o  Additional staff has been hired to disinfect the building
o  Students will be trained on wearing a mask, consistent washing of hands, and sanitizing themselves. 
o  Siouxland District Health will be consulted if individuals have been exposed to a positive Covid-19 individual and will assist in contacting parents.
o  Siouxland District Health will be consulted if the district is considering implementation of blended or online learning.

Please see these document concerning contact tracing: 

Close Contacts procedure for schools 8.21.20.pdf

SDH Contact Tracing.pdf

Board approved Return to Learn

Return to Learn all students and staff in the building.docx

Elementary Online and Blended Return to Learn.docx

6-12 Online and Blended Return to Learn.docx

*The following is taken from Governor Reynold's Proclamation dated August
27th: Consistent with the recommendations of the Iowa Department of Public
Health and the Iowa Board of Medicine and to assist in reducing the spread of
Covid-19, I strongly encourage all Iowans two or older to wear a mask or other
face covering when in public settings, especially in circumstances when it is not
possible to remain six feet away from others outside their household, unless it is
unsafe to do so because of health or disability.While we have not mandated
masks, we asked that you consider complying with this recommendation not only
at school but in all public settings.

The Western Valley Conference will be requiring the wearing of a face covering
by all spectators in attendance at our facilities at all levels. Collectively, we want
our students to have the opportunity to play and compete for an entire season in
a safe and healthy environment.